The Council Presentation

The Higher Council for Education, Training, and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) is an independent advisory body created under Chapter 168 of the Moroccan Constitution. The Council’s mission is to issue policy advice and opinions on public policies and national education, training, and scientific research issues.

In its capacity as an independent advisory body for good governance, sustainable development, and participatory democracy, the Council aims to be a lively space for strategic thinking on matters of education, training, and scientific research, as well as for discussion and coordination on the various issues related to these fields.

One of the Council’s roles is to inform decision-makers and public opinion through regular and systemic quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the various components of the education, training, and scientific research system.

The Council Composition

The Council is composed of members with proven experience in the areas of education, training, and scientific research, considering the principle of gender balance in their nominations.

In addition to the President, appointed by HM the King, the Council includes 100 members according to the following pattern:

  1. Experts and specialists: 20 members appointed by HM the King among persons with a proven record and expertise in education, training, and scientific research.
  2. Ex-officio members: 26 members representing the government, academic and scientific institutions, parliament, and educational and training institutions.
  3. 54 members representing unions, educational and administrative executives, students’ parents and guardians, teachers, high school and university students, elected local authorities, civil society, businesses, and representatives of private education and training institutions.